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"Failure or accomplishment - it's all the same - just gotta keep moving forward. There's room for growth, there's room for improvement. I'm unfinished, and I embrace that."


Promo for clothing brand Unfinished Legacy featuring the founder, Brema (@optic.legacy), co-founded by DJ (@djthejenius).


Brema's story is a compelling one, having grown up in a refugee camp in Sudan, eventually moving to the U.S. with his family. In this piece, Brema expresses his gratitude with the opportunity to pursue his love for art and design and, in doing so, building a popular brand and lucrative career. 


Direct/DP/Edit: Damien Blue, Cody LaPlant Gaffer: Kyle Kadow

Talent/VO: Brema

Brand: Unfinished Legacy

Model: Lukka

Music: Mic Kellogg

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