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When you're behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo, you're not driving a car, you're driving a work of art. 'Collapsing Sky' is an expedition through art, passion, and the allure of the open road. 

Director: Damien Blue
EP: Andres Obierne
Producer: Rob Giani
Prod Co: Alto Visuals
DP: Mack Fisher
DP: Mason Predergast
Gaffer: Tucker Anderson
1s AC: Julian Splies
1st AC: Giuseppe Lotempio
2nd AC: Hailey Enge
Driver: Rob Crenson
BTS: Max Nichols
Talent: Will Brandt, Rachelle Goulding
Edit: Damien Blue. Mack Fisher
Colorist: Matt Osborne
SFX / Sound Mix Colton Jackson
VFX Nicholai Vogel
PA: Ryan Gray, Lance Clement
Lab: Fotokem @fotokem_la
Rentals: CSLA, Stepchild
Thanks: Take 7 Productions

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